O R D E R  G O O D  E A T S

Daily Menu

Our Burrito & Buddha Bowls are available for Wednesday

Pre Order by Tuesday -place order by midnight.

For Dinner Style Meals, place your order by Wednesday 9PM at the very latest.

All dinner meals will be offered cold, for later reheat. Freezer Friendly!


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 Cal- Mex Buddha Bowl

Avo or Org Chicken Breast | Black Beans | Sweet Corn | Cucumber | Sweet Pepper | Grape Tomatoes | Hummus + Org Quinoa

Thai Peanut Chickpea Buddha Bowl

Avo or Org Chicken Breast | Peanut Miso Chickpeas | Cucumber | Carrot | Hummus + Org Quinoa

Black Bean & Sweet Corn Burrito Bowl

Black Beans & Corn | Avocado | Cucumber | Tomatoes | Org Chicken Breast | Cheddar | Jalapeño Lime Crema + Romaine


(chefs menu, place your orders by Wednesday)

Lemon Chicken with Pesto Fusilli

House Pesto | Lemon Marinated Organic Chicken Breast | GF Pasta | Dairy Free

Cashew & Sesame Chicken Stir Fry

Sesame Miso Marinated Organic Chicken Breast | Mixed Veggies | Whole Cashews | GF + Dairy Free + Low Carb

Sauteed Sesame Quinoa & Mushroom Bowl

Spicy Sesame Pan "Fried" Quinoa with Edamame| Steamed Mushrooms | slivered carrots | Vegan + GF


(chefs menu, place your orders by Wednesday)


Marinated Roasted with Herbed Cauli-Mash

Grass Fed Beef | with Chimichuri | Roasted Heirloom Carrots | DF + GF | Low Carb

Turkey Meatballs on Spghetti Squash & Marinara

Cinnamon & Sage Seasoned Turkey | Baked Squash | House made Marinara | DF + GF | Low Carb

Cinnamon & Sage Turkey Sweet Potato Boats

Ground Turkey with hints of Cinnamon & Sage | Roasted Whole Sweet Potatoes | Peas with Sage Brown Butter | Gluten Free