Our #1 Selling Buddha Bowl. What is a Buddha Bowl? It's just a fancy way of describing a hearty salad that usually consists of a grain base + fresh ingredients. Mix it, Toss it, Blend it, the flavours together create a scrumptious melody in your mouth.


Thai Peanut Chickpea:

The #1 selling buddha bowl, with a base of Organic Quinoa, a mildy spicy Peanut Miso sauce coats tender Organic Chickpeas. Paired with carrot slivers, chopped cucumber, grilled Organic Chicken Breast + topped with Caramalized Onion Hummus*, Cilantro & Lime. *GF, DF


[*Hummus Ingredients: quinoa, chickpeas, peanut miso sauce (roasted peanut butter, organic miso, coconut sauce, rice vinegar, spices) cucumber, carrot, hummus ( Chickpeas, water, tahini , canola oil, caramelized onions, concentrated lemon juice, sea salt, vinegar, garlic, olive oil, spices) Organic Chicken Breast.]


*GF, DF - Vegan Option Available w/ Avo substitute (choose avo option)


Thai Peanut Chickpea Buddha Bowl

Style of Buddha Bowl