1. Get Signed Up

Fill out our form for us so we can get your information & begin your personalized profile. We collect this info but it is not shared, it is strictly used for our team so we can build your boxes according to your preferences.

2. Submit Form & Your Payment

Once you have submitted your form, we will begin to build your profile & make arrangements for your first box. 

Payments Accepted:

Pay Pal, Credit Card or E-Transfer

Cash is accepted upon request.

3. We will Connect with You

When your payment in full has been received, we will contact you for further instructions and confirm details.

"These are Boxes are personalized for you! We curate our boxes so they include your favs & spark inspiration. It's a program that fits your lifestyle, not a program you need to fit into your lifestyle."


- Creator, Melissa Cowan

Please Read: Important Notes & Restrictions

Although we strive to accommodate the best we can to all preferences, some things we cannot always control. There are always variables like seasonality, availability & demand when it comes to buying the freshest produce. Please note that we may need to use an alternative source for certain items, or replace if the quality isn't to our standards. It is very important we offer the best quality produce, therefore if a local or organic offering isn't to our standard, we will source conventional. If you wish to only have local or organic items, please understand there may be some overlapping or repetition.


For deliveries & pick ups we will notify you of the approximate time we will drop your box, you may leave a cooler or instructions on how you wish for us to leave it. We are not responsible for any damages or thefts of your delivered box. When you schedule your Pick Up, you are responsible for getting the box within that time frame, if you do not retrieve the box within that time, we cannot guarantee another pick up time.

Any changes to deliveries or picks ups MUST BE MADE WITH OUR TEAM 24HRS PRIOR TO SCHEDULED TIME. We are not responsible for missed boxes, if you haven't retrieved the box within 24hrs of the scheduled time, and have not made further arrangements with our team, that box is considered apart of your weeks, and we will not accommodate another.

When making changes, skipping weeks, requesting specific items or editing your box, you must make arrangements as soon as possible with our team, with at least 72 hours notice. We will try to accommodate the best we can for dislikes  & likes however, the nature of how we curate the boxes, we cannot always make the adjustments. It is always best to be specific and make these notes with our team upon initial sign up.