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June 8, 2016


Griddle Bowls: Cali Mex w/ Bacon & Eggs


This style of eating breakfast or brunch is exactly what I need in a good morning munch. Packed with Protein, Easy & tons of delicious fresh herbs/ flavors.



-  Scrambled Eggs (L)

- Roasted Potatoes (O)

- Heritage Local Bacon

- Local Green Onions

- Fresh Salsa, Cowans

- Basil & Cilantro

- Corn Chips (Neal Bros)

- Sour Cream, Whole





Start with cooking your Bacon in a large Cast Iron Skillet. Cook on med  to your desired texture. Keep your Bacon fat for later munchies & leave the remainder grease in the pan. Next Add your Potato mix while pan is hot.


Chop & throw your potatoes (cleaned, leave skins) in the pan on medium for 10-15mins (smaller the quicker they will cook). Add any dried herbs, salt/ pepper here.  Cayenne/ Oregano/ Chilli/ Garlic all work well. Chop an onion & garlic if you chose to and saute with potatoes.


Get another small pan hot and ready to Scramble the eggs. While your pan is getting hot, whip the eggs in a bowl with Chillies and a pinch of Salt - Fresh Cilantro goes awesome here or Fresh Basil if you dislike coriander.


Once your Eggs have been scrambled and cooked, prepare the rest of your ingredients to layer in your bowl. Start with the Eggs, followed by the Potato Mix, with Bacon, a dollop of Sour Cream, Topped with Green Onions, Salsa & fresh herb. Use your favorite tortilla chip!



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