The Importance of Family Meals

February 15, 2017

How involving kids in meal prep & planning can help them make healthier food choices: 

  • Help teach kids the values that are of importance to the family, their cultural background as well as foods that reflect their culture. 

  • Gives kids, and the whole family, structure and routine to their day. This is important for a child's sense of security and reliability. 

  • Allow family to connect and communicate. Create a sense of unity and identity within the family, giving everyone involved, especially the kids a sense of importance.

  • Gives parents the chance to observe any changes in behaviour or attitudes that their kids may exhibit. This is important, as parents can learn more about who their kids are spending time with, what they are doing and where they are spending time. 

  • Allows parents to demonstrate healthy food choices, meal proportions and proper techniques for preparing foods. It has been proven that kids who help prep meals with their family make healthier food choices for themselves. 

Here is an article with information on how to get your kids involved in meal planning, prep and even grocery shopping |:  Involve Children in Meal Planning



Interactive Meals 

Quesadillas, Fajitas and Tacos are all great options as they are fun, easy to prepare, everyone gets to assemble their food together. The topping choices are endless! 

Find simple recipes for each of these meal ideas below: 

Other great options are soups, casseroles and lasagne!  

Next time you're prepping dinner, ask your children what they would like to have for dinner and get them to help with preparing, cooking & serving dinner! 

The Importance of Eating Together as a Family







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