What is Kombucha?

February 27, 2017

Kombucha is a naturally fermented drink meaning, just like foods that are fermented such as Sauerkraut, it contains good bacteria (or probiotics) which are helpful for digestion and to boost the immune system. 


Many people compare drinking Kombucha to champagne (it is naturally carbonated) or apple cider although the flavour can vary greatly depending on the type of tea used and whether or not extra flavour has been added in the process.

Image of SCOBY from liveeatlearn.com

In order to make Kombucha you need to start with a base of tea (most often Black or Green tea) and sugar. A combination of yeast & bacteria is added to start the fermentation process. During the fermentation process a rubbery disc begins to form at the top of the Kombucha, which is known as the SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). The SCOBY is a colony of microorganisms that feed off the sugar.
Kombucha is usually left for 7-14 days to ferment before it is ready to be consumed. 


Other Benefits of Kombucha

Detoxifying for the body/ liver

Reduce joint pain

May help prevent Cancer

Help clear brain fog

May help weight loss

Help to increase energy 

Great alternative to regular sodas


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