Cowan's Recipe: Cranberry Sauce

September 29, 2017


Growing up, we never saw a can of cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving or Christmas. When we entered the homes of our grandparents around special occasions, you would either smell the flavours of a big turkey or hints of cinnamon & orange in the air. By the time everyone would shuffle into there seats, Grandma or Mum would ask "what are we missing?", and without hesitation, someone would yell out - "the Cranberry Sauce" and run to the fridge for it! Below is our Grandma Cowan's Cranberry Sauce recipe, far better than anything you could find in a can!


The Recipe:

1 Bag - Whole Organic Cranberries (frozen or fresh)

1/4 Cup Sugar (Coconut Sugar is a great substitute)

1/4 Cup Orange Juice

1 tsp Cinnamon

Dash Salt


Method: Bring a Medium Sauce Pan to medium temperature. Add the entire bag of cranberries to the sauce pan + sugar, orange juice, cinnamon & salt. Stir until blended completely. Once the mix has begun to boil, cover the pain, bring down to a low simmering point, stir every couple of minutes to prevent sticking. Allow the cranberries to break down until mushy & stir until all of the liquid has reduced. The entire batch takes approx 20 mins or until everything is soft, the liquid has turned to more of a syrup & the cranberries have deflated. Transfer into a glass dish, leave in fridge for at least 2 hours before serving. Store in the fridge or freeze in freezer save contianer for later use.

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